Registered Emissions Repair Facility in New Jersey, Bergen County

Under New Jersey laws if your vehicle does not clear the emission test, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. This can be done at either a public or private inspection garage. The emission repair facility will first conduct an emission inspection before identifying the problems and then fix it.

Failure to fix an emission problem can lead to citations and summons from law enforcement. Often times, there is no grace period, though vehicle owners are expected to bring it for a re-test within a month.

Private Emission Testing Facility New Jersey

You can choose to either fix the emission problems yourself or entrust the work to a private emission repair facility in Bergen County. When you retain the services of a professional emissions testing facility you are assured of trained and experienced professionals who can help fix the issues so that your vehicle will pass a retest at the state or private emission testing facility.

Advantages of a Registered Emissions Repair Facility

If your vehicle has failed an emissions test, you can flip the switch to get the problems fixed by yourself or take the vehicle to a registered emissions repair facility. A registered facility will have professional technicians who can identify and fix the problems, making it easier for the vehicle to pass the emissions re-testing.

The technicians are registered with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and have cleared special examinations on emission testing for vehicles. This means that our technicians are aware of the expectations of the public and private emission tests as well as the typical problems that make vehicles fail these tests. They will be able to easily identify the causes and fix them, making your vehicle ready to pass the re-test. Trained and experienced technicians can prepare the vehicle so that it is more likely to pass the emissions re-test.

Making Your Car Healthy

New Jersey facilities place a red sticker for a failed emissions test and vehicle owners typically need to bring the vehicle for a re-test after getting the issues fixed. They failed emissions test report will also identify some of the causes of the failure. This report can be used by the vehicle owner or the private emission repair facility to fix the issues that are afflicting this system in your car, making the vehicle road worthy again.

Once the vehicle clears the emission test, the owner still has to maintain it and ensure that it does not release too many emissions that are above the stipulated threshold. Moreover, the vehicle needs to be brought in for inspection every two years and pass the emissions test.

Repairs Made After Failed Emission Inspection in NJ

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